JUNE 2017

A Sweat Life asks if your indoor cycling is Metrics or Emotionally-Drive? Or maybe a bit of both like our new Chicago Studio, Cycle X. Click here to find out.

March 2017

Vortex Indoor Cycling coming soon to Tysons Corner, Virginia! Take a virtual tour of Vortex, the first coffee cafe plus premium indoor cycling studio opening soon. Caffeine and Cardio Lovers unite. Click here to take the tour.

February 2017

Barbara discusses Indoor Cycle Design and the growth of ICD over the past few years. She also discusses what it takes to become a successful boutique cycling studio. Click here to read the article in Club Business International.

January 2017

Ride54 - Check out the launch of Ride54 in Fresno, California! Click here to watch the video and experience Ride54.

Reform Cycling and Strength Studio - We partnered with Saloni Kantaria, a Nairobi born athlete, to open the first indoor cycling studio in Kenya. Read all about Reform here and here.


Ground breaking fitness studio opens in Saudi Arabia with the help of ICD. Read all about Studio 55 here!


One of our clients, Fatima Batook, launches Saudi Arabia's first activewear brand. Check out the article here.

January 2015

Cyclepathic opens in Santa Monica, a fitness studio that is accessible to all athletes even those who have been seriously injured. Read all about Cyclepathic here and their mission and vision for reaching all athletes!


Design Your Indoor Cycling Studio to Boost Momentum, Membership and Revenue | Step by Step content from Club Industry - Read Barbara's article here.