Owner, Indoor Cycle Design

As a respected leader, innovator, and pioneer in the boutique fitness industry, Barbara unites the physical and emotional to provide an unparalleled boutique experience. Unlike traditional architects or designers, her rich knowledge and two decades of real-world experience combine to deliver excellence in both design and operations.

Since launching Indoor Cycle Design 2008, Barbara has guided over 200 clients worldwide, including Brunei, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Kuwait, Singapore, Canada, the Cayman Island and Brazil.

Indoor Cycle Design was born out of necessity. Frustrated by the condition of the big-box gym where she taught, Barbara offered the owner a deal to remodel the cycling studio, and if membership didn’t grow by 30% in one year, she’d cover her own out-of-pocket expense. Armed with a nail gun, table saw, and gallons of donated paint and supplies, she worked every night after the club closed to create a mind-boggling transformation. Within six months, every bike in every class was full and club membership doubled.

Barbara began donating and bartering her services through word of mouth, connecting with such clients as the Fort Bliss U.S. Army base, a Jamaican resort, and former President Jimmy Carter. Barbara also experimented with marketing, charity events, illumination, and instructor showmanship skills, and tested a wide assortment of sound and lighting equipment.

Today, Indoor Cycle Design is the leading boutique design firm and clients are part of a family of independent studio owners worldwide. Passing the torch to the next generation, Barbara’s energy and vision to unite the world through boutique fitness is contagious.

Barbara Chancey   Owner, Indoor Cycle Design

Barbara Chancey
Owner, Indoor Cycle Design

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