STUDIO 55 / Saudi Arabia

 Fatima Batook / Owner Studio 55 Saudi Arabia.

Fatima Batook / Owner Studio 55 Saudi Arabia.

With that vision in mind we started from zero building a brand, a concept, interior and systems that go along with it. I have to say that Barbara Hoots (owner of Atlanta-based company, Indoor Cycle Design) played a huge role in directing us the right way and giving us the knowledge and know-how. 3) Passion drives every single move I do and bringing that passion throughout the studio was my goal.

Breakthru Fitness

Barbara, you were just the breath of fresh air we needed to remind us why we do what we do. Thank you for helping our team solidify their efforts in staying true to Breakthru’s core values of Connecting, Educating and Inspiring.  You did all three brilliantly.  

Michelle Dozois
Breakthru Fitness
Pasadena, California

Anthem - Singapore

"Opening our studio in Singapore would never have been possible without Barbara's expert guidance. She helped us every step of the way."

Clement Tan


"Hiring Barbara was one of the most important decisions we made in creating Revelry Indoor Cycling & Fitness. She is an absolute guru and made sure we were asking all the right questions/thinking of the important things. This was our first studio and I am not sure how we would have done this without her expertise.  Barbara also helped with so many things outside the scope of her design work - recruiter recruitment, marketing, and a TON of great ideas for our opening, etc..  She is one of the hardest working people I know. Having her by our side as our advocate was invaluable. Worth every penny and then some.  I recommend her without reservation."


-Ruthanne Roth, Owner / Revelry, San Mateo, CA

Paul Venning, UK

"After many months of research, we found that INDOOR CYCLE DESIGN was the one company that stood head and shoulders above the rest! Barbara offers an unparalleled service when it comes to being the industry's foremost indoor cycling expert.

Supportive and caring with an unbelievable amount of knowledge - she has lots of awesome insider contacts which will open doors to some great products that you wouldn't of been able to attain on your own, and all with huge savings too!"

United States Army | Fort Bliss


“Barbara’s talent and creativity continues to inspire our cycling instructors, who in turn inspire our troops.  Not only did she design a great facility, but her motivational workshops are great source of encouragement to beef up our teaching skills.”


Doug Briggs, Director of Human Performance

US Army, El Paso

Owner, American Weightlifting Association

Marvil Fit

"This month's earnings were triple my expectation! You are one of the
 best investments I've ever made. The bikes are beautiful, but without
 your expertise my studio would never have been this amazing!"

Marisella  Villano


Hampton Bays, NY

President Jimmy Carter

« Thanks for the great Spinning bike, music and riding lessons.  I believe this exercise will help give me two healthy knees. “

President Jimmy Carter

Studio Design 101

After an exhausting but exhilarating week of grand opening festivities, I’m thrilled to unveil the new Spinning® studio at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.

Transforming a basketball gym into an indoor cycling studio was challenging, but with the help of a passionate Student Activities Staff and talented Theater Department, the facility unfolded on schedule, came in under budget, and the final result was simply breathtaking.  Students and faculty members were thrilled to return to campus to discover indoor cycling had arrived!

Light Your Way to Increased Profits

Close your eyes and imagine a room where ambient lighting illuminates the walls and warm, inviting hues wash away the cares of the world. Now open your eyes, and to your surprise, you're not in a restaurant, but a Spinning® studio! 

It's no coincidence that top restaurant owners hire lighting designers as well as world-class chefs, and the overall dining experience is what creates loyal customers. Your studio is similar to a restaurant, and the rides you "serve" will taste better in an environment that creates intimacy, energy, empowerment and, yes, loyalty.